Publications by A. A. Rovenchak

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  6. A. A. Rovenchak
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    Delta – matematyka, fizyka, astronomia, informatyka No. 4 (563), 4-7 (2021)
  7. A. A. Rovenchak
    Bamana tales recorded by Umaru Ɲanankɔrɔ Jara: A comparative study based on a Bamana–French parallel corpus
    Mandenkan: Bulletin semestriel d'études linguistiques mandé 64, 81-104 (2021)
    [full text]
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  13. A. A. Rovenchak, V. Vydrin
    Syllable frequencies in Manding: Examples from periodicals in Bamana and Maninka
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    [full text]
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    Simple definition of distances between texts from rank–frequency distributions. A case of Ukrainian long prose works by Ivan Franko
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    [full text]
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  28. A. A. Rovenchak
    Texts for the corpus of Nko: collection, conversion, and open issues
    Mandenkan: Bulletin semestriel d'études linguistiques mandé 59, 57-66 (2018)
    [full text]
  29. A. A. Rovenchak, Ch. Riley, T. Sherman
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    Quantifying comprehensibility of Christmas and Easter addresses from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church hierarchs
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    Bibliography of the Department for Theoretical Physics, University of Lviv, in 1914-1939
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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    [full text]
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